Im wanting a new rig but instead of buying the amp an eveyrhting i was wondering if this was possible.

I have just now a Line 6 pod xt live and a Marshall AVT100. Im going to sell the Marshall and was mibye going to sell the pod xt live but i was wondering could i do this

guitar > pod xt live ( use as pre amp ) > power amp ( Marshall EL34 50/50 ) > 2x12 or 4x12 speaker

if i was to put it into the speaker would it sound the same as if i was to plug directly into the multi track and it would sound the same as if i was to mic it up then put it through?

Say i was to pick a plexi type setting on the pod then use the power amp could i get a tube amp crunch type sound like old acdc, led zep type plexi sounds.

Could i do that or should i just buy a tube amp?

thanks :P