Hey Guys!?

I was wondering why are left handed more expensive than right handed guitars? Mind you i am a right handed guitarist.

Also whats the difference between Active pick-ups and Passive pick-ups?

Thanks also

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum?

Also on the film Big Daddy does Adam Saddler live in a flat or a house?

Oh this is the second time i am posting this last time got 4 comments thanks!
you got hackshed
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you got hackshed
[after looking at the 287 post count]

what does heackshed mean?

I have no idea why left handed are more expensive. Maybe it's something to do with mass production of right handed compared to the slighly less production of left handed.

and active pickups mean they have batteries inside whereas passive pickups are powered by phantom power. Active's have better quality than passives
Because you right-handers are jealous of us lefty's superiority.
Luckily for me, I can somehow play guitar like a right-hander...
I'm a lefty that can't use left-handed guitar!