Hey guys, I just have a quick question I haven't been able to find the answer to. Is it possible to (safely) hook an Epiphone Valve Junior head up to 2 (Epiphone Valve Junior) cabs at once?
If theres two 8 Ohm (i think) jacks on the back. Otherwise, u would have to use a 2x12 cab.

The Head's designed to only have a speaker plugged into one of it's outputs at a time, and the cab only has a single input (no way to parallel to another cab).
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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It is possible to hook up multiple cabs if you daisychain them. Avatar puts a special jack on their cabs for this. Those are the only cabs I've seen this feature on. Any cab can be modded for it, though.
Yes its possible and can be done in parellel..

The head can take a 8 ohm or 4 ohm load and the cab is equipped with a custom designed, 16 ohm Eminece Lady luck speaker. So if you parellel the connection into the 8ohm jack your going to be getting a 8ohm impedance level. You will have to buy a special adapter that runs mono or you can modify the cabs...
Couldn't you use a simple Y adapter plugged into the 8 ohm output to act as a parallel conector? If you connect a Valve Jr. cabinet into each leg of the adapter it should equal an 8 ohm load (2x16 ohm cabinets in parallel = 8 ohms). I was thinking about giving this a try myself so let me know if my Ohm's Law calculations are wrong.
Yep, just make a splitter cable out of speaker wire. I wouldn't trust a splitter made for line level audio. 2 - 16 ohms in parallel = 8 ohms
I forgot that those Y adapters are usually made for low power applications. Thanks for the reminder.