what are the differences between these les pauls?
Your question requires a really detailed answer, so I recommend you go to the Musician's Friend website and read. If you don't get satisfaction come back here and someone will be nice enough to clear up any confusion. Good Luck.
don't be lazy and do some research.
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You really should read some stuff, but heres a quick summery.

Standards: The STANDARD Gibson Les Paul. Although, these days, there are only standards in like the Flametop with the like 20 colors and what not (which I don't like about them). Or the Gibson Custom Shop ones are nice.

Classic: Basicly the same thing as the Standard but these just have different colors and a different kind of Inlay in the neck.

Studio: Supposed to be a Standard look-alike type of thing. (Well not really, just a lower end Standard) They were created to be "Studio" guitars mainly, but people use them for whatever still. They don't really look like the actual Gibson Standards.

BFG: Haven't tried this guitar, but it has a killswitch and people say its pretty good. I don't like the idea of a kill switch on my guitar though, so I don't use them.