Lately Every time I pick ye ol strummin' stick it seems like I don't have any motivation.
Its like I'll go through all the songs I know do some scales an progressions and blah blah blah. And when it comes to actually practicing what I dont practice often I cant actually sit there and do so. Any advice? Methods to warm up Easy songs to learn something? Anything TT_TT Kudos.
things like this happen all the time on all sorts of activities. the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago while i was skateboarding...i love skating but i just didnt feel like it. just keep practicing and youll get your motivation back soon enough
Well thanks. But do you have anything to consider throwing at me? Like a song or something? Lately I've been playing a lot of things over and over again just making sure I play them right but I dont know what else to learn..
well it kinda depends on what styles you play...and your skill level
if you like metal id recommend a 'a gunshot to the head a trepidation' by trivium. or 'walk with me in hell' by lamb of god.

or if you like rock i guess 'unholy confessions' by avenged sevenfold

or for something accoustic id highly recommend 'swing life away' by rise against