oh i was thinking u ment kravits... bye now
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Pop Tarts. Strudels are a Austrian invention; Hitler was also from Austria.
Obviously, Toaster Strudels are the same as Toaster NAZIS.
your tone is spot on, and the rhythm fills are very well executed, a lot of feeling and soul put into it. Your transition into that A chord could use a little work, but that's really the only weak moment for me. Some great improvisation for the little mess around section, I think you could work up a decent version with a backing track. It's very difficult to perform this in a solo setting and keep it interesting and fresh and full, but I think you're getting there. If you've ever heard John Mayer's version (I know, I know), it's a brilliant example of how to do this song in a solo setting.

PS. Gotta freaking love strats.
bee yatch