Something i wrote for someones musical piece "Summers last whisper"
^that is their profile.

C4C of course.

This is summers last whisper
Into the dark,
To the friendships, and the lies you told
That made them fall apart.
They all come back to haunt you
Sooner than you'de think
So don't close your eyes now
It's to late to even blink

And you can run around this
As much as you would like,
But remember that sometime, someday,
You'le have to face the fight,

We're dancing on the grave you paved,
You can scream and kick,
theres no escape
from this.
As your eyes transfix on darkness

A light thats peeking through a hole,
An offered hand will save your soul,
So stand here now and face the fight,
You know youle lose,
You know I'm right.
I like it, it has a nice flow to it. Kind of dark but not over the top. Well done.