I've been playing for 3 months and I haven't learned a full song yet. I've learned quite a few of the open chords, barre chords, power chords, etc. I can play a few simple licks from songs I like- nothing really fancy. I've recently started learning scales and am in the process of memorizing the notes of the fretboard. I know that learning songs takes time and practice, but, will it get easier with time and experience? I mean, will it get easier to pick up on certain things, and just overall become easier to learn the song? I know difficult songs will require alot more practice and all. I'm just wondering in general will it become easier as I gain experience. Thanks for the help.
yep. first of all itll get easier cause you wont have to look down on the fretboard when you play, and 2 your mind will get more used to reading tabs and memorizing em. ive been playing 8 months now and can see a giant difference in my memorizing-just to give you an example, and brag a bit, i memorized the whole smells like teen spirit song after playing it once (not a difficult song, sure, but still)
How are you "learning" to play guitar? By book/teacher/self??
The first song I learned to play was "Bad Moon Rising". It's just three chords- D, A, G, and back to D again. Listen to the song if you have it. Start with the simple stuff. This gets the sounds of the chords and notes in your head.

Yes it does get easier. It just takes time.
if you know the open major and minor chords you could probably play quite a few songs (like that guy said, bad moon rising is D, A, G and you could definitely play that!) Everything gets WAY easier as you familiarize yourself with the fretboard, learn a little theory, and get more comfortable playing. It also gets WAY more fun and addicting. Just keep playing and learning and i promise playing the guitar will be a better and more enjoyable experience
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Once you understand the scales pretty well and can apply them it gets much easier to learn songs. With songs I'm learning now I don't remember the solos note-for-note but instead I can use my theory knowledge to make my own solo.
Stop whining and learn your theory!

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Yep. I been playing for 6 months and can play a couple songs, but i never took lessons, learned theory or how to tune a guitar. Lmaoo.