whats up all?

a friend and I are starting up a band. we both play guitar.

were looking for a drummer, singer, bassist and maybe another guitarist.

we live in the Delaware,Ohio area. ages 14-18 perfered

pm me for more details
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all types of rock
not really a set genre

influences range from bands like red jumpsuit apparatus to bands like avenged sevenfold and some atreyu

as we start writing more music well be playing hard rock- heavy stuff
i do a lot of thrash/ progressive metal, i dunno if that'll work, plus i'm not actually from delaware, send me a private message if you wanna know more about me
Well, I play guitar. If you buy a bass, I'll play bass rythm. Also, m friends say I sound like Dave Mustaine. If you want to know more, contact me. Oh, btw, I live near cleveland.
i live in columbus. if you are looking for a vocalist, im your girl, i can do really anything, im learning acoustic. im 15. 16 in march
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