Has anyone used a J-master as a template for modding or building a guitar? I came across a picture of a J-master body the other day, and I liked their streamlined shape. They look appealing for potential projects that I won't be able to start until I graduate from college in another year.

Anyways, just wondering what kinds of experiences that the experienced modders have had with that body...
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One person that immediately comes to mind is a user here named Pedricko.
Not exactly sure what happened to teh guy though, he was a ghost back when I came here a lot too.

But there is a website where you can purchase masonite templates. They are a bit spendy but they work very well.


I used to have a teacher with a vintage 70's jazzmaster, it was a very nice guitar.

The controls are very cool and the overall look of the guitar is unique as well.