I now have found bandmates where I have recently moved too but the problem is all of our gear is small and for practicing. We have a combined $2000 between the three of us and we need so good entry level gear where we could play and make decent recordings with. Any ideas? We play garage rock...sorta harder indie rock...dunno a name for it. Any ideas?
Idk if u can get a good giggable band set if u guys need new guitars and a new drumkit for that much. But if u only need amps, I would say go with a Peavey Classic 30, for bass look at a Crate BT220, which is 220w and $200. You probably could get a drumkit and PA with whats left, but not all-new guitars.
Thanks. We basically only need recording gear and amps. The kit we have under control. And we;re fine with guitars also. My fault, should of been more specific.
For recording, get a mixer, Behringer has some decent big ones for not much. If ur gonna do it on a computer, also look at a good USB interface, like maybe a Line 6 TonePort. The biggest thing tho is gonna be the software, so id get something like Cubase to start with. Also, it would be great to have a good, dedicated recording computer. Your gonna need mics too, i think you can find some good ones for just over $100.