Floating in space ship destroyed,
the naut continues looking for help

it will not come,
his mind bounds from thought to thought,
pondering the outcomes,

will he choke to death?

Thoughts of his death cloud his mind,
a light in the distance attracts his attenion,
A new hope for life,

The light engulf him, he is blind,
He emerges back in a grey land,
full of faimialer faces.

They died,
this cannot be,
the naut screams,

he awakes for the secound time,
in a jungle of steel,
alone again,

the corpses of old creep out from the darkness,
thier eyes stare into his soul,
mouths gape open,
He hears voices, whispering to him,

Why he is here,
his eyes roll into his head,
he cannot move,
he is a puppet to his mind,
the strings of insanity pulls him closer and closer.

Behind his eyes, the electric mind inside his skull,
the gamma rays penetrate him,
Explosions all around him,
reflected in his visor,

Gamma lights
nebula crashes
Supernova times.

The mind now is in control
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Ver 2.

The electric path in space flows out
biocomputers failure,
fast times, slow traveling,
the toll is nigh,

disfunctal life,
reflecting upon the mind,
eroded by time,

exsistince is a crime,
the skull bleeds,
flying highest above the trees,

nebulas crash
gamma rays burn
supernova times

reflecting upon the mind.