Hey guys morfeen is a new band that me (kevin) my friend shayne and grant started.


Right now we dont have a mixer so the quality isnt as good as it could be but we think its better than most garage band recordings, but yea this is our first song that weve done and its simple man by lynard skynard. we should have away from the sun by 3 doors down up in a couple of days and we are currently in the process of writing songs.

If you like the cover add the band to your friends.
Allright we just added away from the sun and this is after we got a mixer so the quality is better.

and just so you guys know simple man has an anoying 8 second silence before the song starts and away from the sun has like a 3 second one.
we have eruption and shook me all night long up on the band page.

eruption is played solely by me because we still dont have a drummer.