Can anybody recommend a good, fairly cheap distortion pedal?

I play mostly classic rock, punk, and some metal.
man if youve got some extra cash try the fulltone ocd but for cheapness ibanez tube screamer or a boss ds1
ebay is your friend. danelectro fab tone or daddy o would be ridiculously cheap new or used.
My live set-up:
72 Tele Custom
TC Electronics Polytune
MXR Dynacomp
deviever Shoe Gazer
Way Huge Red Llama Clone
Effector13 Soda Meiser
Vintage Proco Rat
DOD Buzzbox
Dwarfcraft Robot Devil
EA Tremolo
Lovepedal Pickle Vibe
Traynor YBA-2B
I use a Metal Muff and I can get all those tones.

I vote Metal Muff.
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Boss DS-1 distortion pedal, great tone and sound quality, can get you almost any kind of distortion you want, and very cheap. Can't recommend it highly enough
The ProCo Rat might work quite well for rock & punk. It does for me.
To be clear a distortion pedal is different than an overdrive pedal like you were recommending him. What kind of amp do you have? You might not even want a distortion pedal you might just need an overdrive.
Right now I have a rocktron rc25, wanted a microcube but it was all they had in the store. The distortion on the amp is really muddy and the only think you can adjust on it is the gain.
its a little late because at the last practice i saw your boss pedal but if youve got some extra cash the Steve Vai jemeni pedal kicks ass
hey, try the crossfire overdrive off ebay, they sell for about 50 bucks AU.. great range pedal...