What is the difference between these models?
Besides the price.

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Standards have a much better build quality. They also have a Mahogany body vs. an Alder or Agathis one on the Special 2. The Standard also has better hardware, pickups, tuners, and looks sooo much nicer than a Special 2.
The standard has 4 knobs (volume x2, tone x2) so you can control the pickups better. The special II only has 2 knobs (volume, tone). The standard also comes with a pickguard, which the II does not have.

other than that, qotsa got the jist of it.

i have the special II and it is a pretty good guitar. It was my first electric and i cant complain about it.

Standard has 2 pickups, and a tone and volume control for each, and a pickup selecter with 3 settings. Also has a pickguard, and very nice tone quality, even while heavily distorted or while playing clean. I have been plaing for about a year and a half now, the standard was my first guitar and i love it, you cant really go wrong, so i would definitely recommend it, especially for the cheaper price.
Go for the standard.

if you really cant afford that, go for the Studio. my Epi Les Paul 100 isnt bad, but to be honest i'm not sure i would buy it again given the chance.
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The standard is a set neck guitar with an arch top. The special is a flat top bolt neck. And the special has the cheapest hardware and parts available. Theres not really much of a comparison.

The special II is sh*thouse

And the standard is awesome
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if i'm not mistaken i believe the Epi "specials" are pretty much just entry level instruments?

the standard would be head and shoulders above that.
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Standards have a much better build quality. They also have a Mahogany body vs. an Alder or Agathis one on the Special 2.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Epiphone stopped using the 'wrong' woods in their guitars about two years ago. They still list these woods in some places as not all of the old stock has left prime circulation (i.e., some stuff still isn't sold and is sat collecting dust in a warehouse somewhere). Al Epiphones now sue the 'correct' woods (though not necissarily good grade examples of that wood, of course).

As far as the Special-II goes, it has a cheaper set of pcikups (Chinese-made rather than Korean-made as the Standard has), cheaper pots, cheaper wiring, softer metal is used for the hardware and frets, lower grade wood is used throughout, it's a flattop, the hardware is a cheaper cast, and so on. Basically, it's far inferior in every single way.

And no, a Studio or -100 isn't a good replacement either. They're equally as ****.

A Standard is the minimum you should ever buy, though really you should always aim for at least a Custom. Anything below a Standard, and you might as well flush your money down the toilet. Incidently, the same applies to Gibson; again, their models below the Standard and Classic aren't worth touching to save your life.
I have a Special II, but I'm a beginner with limited funds. If your not in the same category as me I'd definitely go with the Standard.
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I had a Special II... I took the neck off and found that it was made out of some sort of ply wood. No joke.
i have a special II. I Like it, and for your level, you might be better off with it.
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i have an epiphone les paul special II but the fret buzz on the top few strings is unbearable; i know its because the strings are too close to the fret, but how do i adjust it so that it plays cleanly?
As well, I have a special II. It's my first electric and it does the job. If I had more money, I'd getting something better.

I had fret buzz as well. I took it back to the guitar shop where i purchased it and they set it up for me. No more fret buzz.