i would like to buy a new neck for my strat. I don't want to spend over $200. Anybody know how warmouth's necks are? Mighty Mite necks? Other suggestions?

thanks to anybody that hurts
Between Warmoth and Mighty Mite, I would go for the Warmoth. Better quality wood, more selection IMHO.

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warmoth is expensive, but good quality
mitey mite i think theyre called sells fender liscensed strat and tele necks for a good price-they have an ebay store i think, if not search necks on ebay and you should find them

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Look at WD Music necks. They sell Licensed necks, and should be good quality. And at only about $60-$80 or so, they seem like a complete steal.
I have owned Warmoth and Mighty Mite and highly reccomend Warmoth. Mighty Mite are ok but if you can afford the Warmoth, go with that. Or even check ebay for used warmoth and even some new necks for less.
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