First guitar-
I have saved enough for either.
My Dad is telling me to get an acoustic to learn on.
I want an electric, because that's what I've had my mind set on for years.

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acoustic-electric lol
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well what kind of music do you plan on playing? an acoustic of the same price of an electric+plus will sound better. If you're just starting off, I'd go with an acoustic.
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it all comes down to the music YOU want to play. you can't go wrong either way, just don't get a ****ty guitar
Depends on what you wanna play, if you want the v get it
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get both and practice different styles of music with both guitars. Use acoustic for the softer-countryish stuff and the electric for the rest. I learned on an electric first, but ended up using my acoustic more until I was done taking leesons
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Electric. Playing rock songs on an acoustic doesnt sound as good as on an electric. And most of the songs u play probably will be electric songs.
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Also, I started on electric. However, it's up to you. If you want to play distorted rock or stuff like metal... youre gonna get an acoustic, and put it down within 2 weeks.

People will suggest acoustic because it will build your fingers more and is harder to learn on. However, electric is just fine. It all depends on your style of music.
I wanted to get an electric in the beggining, but ended up getting an acoustic, and I'm not regretting it, going to buy an electric as soon as I become really good at acoustic. By the way, I started about 2 months ago.

If you buy an electric with a bad amp, you'll get bored in about a week or so. So unless you have enough money for a GOOD electric and a good amp, buy an acoustic.

An acoustic will also be harder to play, so if you become good at it, and buy an electric later, it would be really easy for you to play on the electric. But, if you don't like the sound of the acoustic at all and you think it just doesn't suit you, then just buy an electric.

So here's what I think, Buy a good begginers acoustic now and practice till you become good, at the same time, save up money for an awesome electric and an amp.
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I started on an acoustic, but within a week I bought an electric because I was into heavy rock and metal.
Acoustic is better to start on because it helps build calluses on your fingers and increase your finger strength.
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I think starting on an acoustic is really good. I started on an electric, but got an acoustic afterwards, and I play my acoustic more now. I began to appreciate the acoustic guitar a lot more than I used to, especially now that I know how hard it is to create music with some strings and wood, and no electronics.
Get whatever you think is going to keep you playing. An acoustic might technically help you out in the beginning but if you are not feeling it and in turn not playing it then it won't matter anyway...
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Everyone says acoustic. Because its better to learn on. But i got an electric just because i thought i was to cool for acoustic.
I started on electric, but recently got an acoustic. I play the acoustic everyday and the electric only when I have a lesson. Of course the electric stays in a hardcase under my bed and the acoustic sits on my stand. That's just me though. Get what seems right to you.
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If I were you, I'd start out on a decent acoustic guitar. I wouldn't get a ridiculous axe such as a high-end Martin or Taylor, cause you'd think you're better than you really are. I suggest a good acoustic. Acoustic guitars help build finger strength better, and starting out with an electric will hide mistakes.
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Before I started taking lessons, when I first picked up a guitar, it was acoustic and it was hard to play. My dad rented me an Electric with an amp, and it was easier to play for me.

This is just me though, I may have learned an "improper" way, but its alright, I love playing both though.
Get whichever you want to play more. The advantages of learning on an acoustic arent going to matter if you dont enjoy it as much and, in turn, dont play it as much.