I sent Delerium a list of bass books, so hopefully they'll get added to the FAQ soon *hint, hint*
But in the meanwhile for fingerstyle playing I would highly recommend.Jon Liebman's Funk Fusion Bass. Like the subtitle says, its the best resource for mastering the two finger technique. The drills cover everything and I mean everything, and just working the drills in this book has improved my fluidity and speed immensely.

For muscle memory, what are you looking for exactly? Arpeggio shapes? Scales? Where the notes are on the fretboard? All of the above?
First of all thank you ill check Jon Liebman's book and the FAQ haha.

For the muscle memory book im looking for somthing that tells you about muscle memory and about slowing down. Telling you how to build it perfectly.. you know that concept. Should this thread still be in the bass furom?
jamie andreas's book "the principles of correct practice for guitar"
all it talks about is muscle memory and posture...