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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

Its very good, you've got some bad ass harmonized guitars in there. my only complaint would be the acoustic interlude, there's not much flow between the electric part and the acoustic part. Everything else is great, the solo is awesome too. great job

Mind critting mine? (new one in sig) Thanks.
Thanks for the crit, by the way.

I like the intro melody and the whole part that goes under it. It's a wee bit cheesy, but that can be forgiven. However, I was a bit disapointed with the lack cool bass under that part. It's somewhat sparce with the rhythm instruments, and even a fill here or there could really make it more exciting imo. Of course, this is probably just because I'm a bassist. The next section at 13 might be overusing that one riff a bit too much, though. I would have just gone straight from bar 12 to bar 21, unless you have something planned for vocals. The bass plays some clashing notes at bar 22. I can't tell if you did this on purpose or if it was just a mistake. I like the use of the sus4 chord at 37, but it might sound better if you used a full chord instead of just the triad. However, this part feels a little boring and could either be shortened or could have some lead/bass/drums fills to make it better. I'm not overly fond of the chugging at 45, but then again, I've never been a fan of the one note rhythmic thing, though, so it's more personal preferance than actual criticism. I really like the 15/16 riff at 49. This is easily my favorite part of the song. There's some clashing bass notes again at 52 where the guitars play A# but the bass plays C. Again, I don't know if it was intentional or not. The clean at bar 57 feels way too sudden. I think a better transition is needed there so it doesn't feel too jumpy and random. The clean part itself seems kind of out of place because it doesn't really go anywhere or do anything but go right back into the riff that was just playing. I would cut it out, but it's totally your call. The clean part at 81 felt a little sudden as well because it built up and then kind of dropped back right at the solo. I think those chords might sound ok distorted as long as you back the gain off and it would keep the energy of the song going. The solo itself is good, but I takes too long for it to get interesting. Maybe some harmonies on the phrases from 81-88? I have to say I loved the rest of the solo, though. The bent melodies were very dramatic. Why did all the instruments stop at 113? I think you should have the rest of the band hit the first note of bar 113 then cut it short to make it flow better. The fade out ending isn't my favorite. I generally dislike fade endings, and one of my songs that I put a fade ending in I eventually changed anyways. However, this is all down to personal preferance again, and if the ending works, then go for it.

Well, that's my novel of a crit. Sorry if it's a bit disjointed and rambling. Overall, I would say 8/10. It's well written, but could use a bit of work.
Hmm. Well. I had a tactful crit written, but then my internet was gay and stopped working. So I'm just gonna give the points. lol
56 to 57 could be better.
In 81, going to the clean rhythm guitar could be done more "tactful."
In 99 and 100, the solo could hardly be heard.. But that probably wouldn't be the case in an actual recording... The solo also just sounds like a bunch of different ideas put together and sounds choppy overall.

It was a good song other than that though. =)
Awesome man, nice use of time sigs in that clean part, but the transitions needed work..

And yea, split the solos up, they are really awesome, but 1 person playing them all is kinda boring for the other guitarist.

Cheers for the crit!