Choose your favorite and why.

Mine would have to be ESP. They just look awesome and they sound great for thrash and even some blues or jazz.
Some of the expensive ESP's look great. Ill take an Iceman over pretty much anything tho.
straight up ESP's. they are my hands down choice for all of my guitars. And i think i am going to buy another in the close future
def the best
my 2 main axes are ean esp m-200fm
and rg321

i like both
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i like ibanez best out of those overall theyre better to me.
better bridge with the edge pro and edge 3 even
they have great necks
great tone
well at elast the high end ones do
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Choose your favorite and why.

Mine would have to be ESP. They just look awesome and they sound great for thrash and even some blues or jazz.

For Jazz?! really? maybe if they haven't got EMG pickups and even then surely only the Paramount series would really be suitable for Jazz?
I like Ibanez for their versatility, ESPs semi hollowbody guitars aren't too good, But ESP is good for thrash. Jackson, is meh... I was never a big fan
nah dude i get a good creamy blues and jazzy sound from my eclipse model(LTD EC-400). and a good amp never hurts
esp r still very nicely made guitars, way better than ibanez (which of some of the most generic guitars in all ways)
jacksons are aight
see, ESPs are really limited in what they can do, mostly because even the ESP stock pickups are high output passives, and all EMGs do is boost the overdrive even more. And they're a pile more expensive. But Ibanez are fairly cheap, well rounded and have really fast necks. One of their best guitars is only 1 and a half grand AUS, and thats the Xiphos.

But my favourite guitar brand would have to be maton, hands down. They might not be the most metal of guitars, but the sound awesome.
esp versitile and good feel.
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I would have to choose ESP. i have an ESP ltd b50, a really cheap bass, but for the $120 price tag, you cant beat it, ever. i beat the piss out of it, and it still sounds great. it was my first bass, my next one is a newer ESP 2008 5 string F model i hope to get soon. ibanez arent bad, my friend has an s prestige, which is an amazing guitar, but it is more for power metal and screaming high gain. for any other deep metal, like what i like, ESP has ibanez blown away with the EMG growls.
even the high end LTD models are still under a grand. so dollar for dollar the ESPs/LTDs are better value
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