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You've tried to use the smilies before outsitde of UG
28 50%
You haven't, and I look really lame right now
28 50%
Voters: 56.
Am I the only person who has become so attached to UG's awesome smilies that sometimes I want to use them in real life? Or on my cell phone when I'm texting someone, they would come in handy so much! Please tell me I'm not the only person who has tried to use a smilie, only to realize you aren't on UG
I use them in MSN all the time
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I've saved quite a few of them to my computer and put them in my Photobucket. I use them in MySpace messages/comments.


not the ones from ug, but yeah like i was writing a letter( don't ask)
and i kept trying to draw one... :\
Especially ""

EDIT: They're not UG smileys, by the way... they are standard for many forums.
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Yes. There have been many occasions where the "" would have come in handy.

And UG smileys look awesome.

How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?


^ nobody uses those ones ^
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one time this kid said something dumb in science class and i said "wow eric, colon roll eyes colon" everybody was like "colon double you tee eff colon." 'twas a weird day.
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I hope you're calling yourself a noob.
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I hope you're calling yourself a noob.

yeah, I decided to edit out the "noob" part for 2 reasons:
1. if I AM right, then I look like a d-bag
2. if I am NOT right, then I still look like a d-bag

i can't win
I use some smilies of UG in my MSN so yeah.

I want the punx face back on java chat. We should also get it on the forums, and yes I use it everywhere on the interwebz. *-).
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