it's been 20 years since i played on a regular basis. i have 300-400 to spend. i'm thinking a strat, epiphone g 400 (sg style) and a peavey jf-1 (b.b. king looking guitar)i do not want a starter guitar, played a few and was not impressed. any suggestions are welcome.
Hopefully you'll have a good amp to begin with. I take it you're into the blues? An Epiphone Dot 335 would be a great choice. As would a Strat, Tele, or the Epiphone SG, but whatever you like is what you should go for. Shop around!
Don't forget the used section. You can find some pretty good buys on occasion.
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cmon man youve been playing 20 years and you can only spend 300?

treat yourself....
Go Save Up some more money and get a nice guitar to spend the rest of your days with. lol

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You should go with a Jackson Dinky which basically look like RG's. They are better though because they are made in Japan and not Korea. I like the floyd rose better too than on the the RG's. Other than that yeah you could get a strat. I had a white strat the Mexican made one. I like RG's better. Its all about the sound your going for, though.