hey just had a quick question. In my building at school the rooms are pretty warm sometimes because the heat is like a central unit for the whole building. I haven't brought my guitar to school because i wasn't sure if the rooms would dry out the wood or not. the heat isn't on the whole day but just at times. Would it be a bad idea to bring it? thanks
what kind of case do you have? if you have a proper hard case, then it wont matter too much as long as you keep your instrument inside the case when you're not using it.

if your guitar is laminate or partially laminate bodied, then it really wont affect it that much. if it's all solid however, put a leave in humidifier in your guitar.

guitars generally take a while to dry out. heck, i've left my guitar on the stand in my room for the whole winter. i dont have any problems with it. I have a solid cedar top and wild cherry laminate sides/back. but then again, my heating isnt too intense and i keep the door closed, which raises the humidity because of my breathing inside this small room.
You'll be fine bringing it. I kept a guitar in a dorm room for 3 years without any problems, and we used to open windows when it was ten degrees outside to get some air. Just keep it in it's case and use an in case humidifier, and you should be alright.

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thanks guys..yea the heat can get warm at times but we usually just open up a window to cool it down...its partially laminate so hopefully it'll be ok