I'll try to be a better man
if you could only comprehend
I'm not the one to blame
I have my drugs you gave it a name
I'm the monster you've created
Thats right,everything you've hated

You were a silent film on mute
and no one knew what to do
You were glasses on a blind man
and no one could ever understand
but now i know what your going through
I'm going through it too
So now what are we going to do?

I think you lost what you loved
in that mess of liquor and blood
thank god you don't lose control
I'd hate to say i told you so

because i sing of awful things
my fingers bleed on these strings
but I'd do it forever
I'd do it forever for you
as soon as i get over
what you put me through
it's pretty good, nothing mindblowing but that's a lot to ask i guess
when you say "that's right," in the last line of the 1st verse it sounds a little weak to me. like you're filling space