I'm still in the process of finding picks i'm completely comfortable with. So far, the Dunlop Jazz IIIs and Tortex .88mm are the two that i like the most; the Jazz IIIs pointed tip allows me to pick a bit tighter, and hold down faster rhythms better, but for strumming and getting in a lock of varied pick attack in, the .88 tortex work better.

Is there a pick that's a middle ground? Sharp Jazz III ness, but larger? maybe with a lighter gauge? Random as it may be, how would a .72mm one (yellows) be compared to the other two picks i mentioned?

Also, another question, where can i find "pizza slice" picks? The ones that are triangular in shape. I've noticed a lot of guys using them, specifically from In-Tune Guitar Picks, and I've been curious about them. Is it possible to get In Tune Guitar picks at a place like Guitar Center or Sam Ash? Is it possible to get pizza slice picks from other brands? Can you get them with a tortex like material?

Thanks, and sorry for the long winded questions.
ernie ball nylon heavies work well. they are a little bit thinner than the jazz III but a little faster than an .88 i have used about 6 other sizes and these are my favorites.
I been using the dunlop speed pick, it's pretty sweet.
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Best place to get picks is your local music store, guitar center or online. Took me about a year to find the perfect pick for me. Happen to run across them in a new music store that just opened a few months ago. Before that i hit up 5 different stores anytime i saw one i would stop in and see what they had. Alot of places have singles too that you can buy and test to save some cash. Total i went through probally 30 different picks. And what i do now is order in bulk to make sure i have them on hand...
/\ The Tortex Sharp look really good, and the Jazz III XLs look cool, but do they come in a tortex coating?

btw, what are some good "pizza slice" style picks to try? Like i mentioned earlier, I like the looks of the ones from In Tune, but they seem to be custom order only. I'd like to try the shape first before i commit to buying a ****load.