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hey can anyone hook me up with some tabs to some good blues rhythm guitar? somethin intermediate to advanced please. Thanks

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You mean like 12 Bar patterns? Or Walking Patterns? 7th Chords?

Anyways, this site has a bunch of good stuff that you can learn off of.

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walking patterns and 7ths, i dont know much about em... thanks for the site though
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Quote by Vagabond21
walking patterns??

A walking pattern is basically what Pride and Joy is. Or the bass on most blues that has a 12/8 time signature.

Personally, i dig the single chord, repetitive riff type stuff like Catfish Blues, Smokestack Lightning, and a bunch of John Lee Hooker tunes.
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when talking about walking patterns,

look at videos on youtube

"uptown shuffle" or "downtown shuffle"
"texas shuffle"<pride and joy, or if you are good, "Rude Mood"

listen to "Cry before I go" by John Lee Hooker, it has a great descending shuffle Rhythm

A song with a nice (not hard) but good sounding rhythm is "Strange Brew" by Cream, its just a nice way to add a little complexity to your music.

I don't know if that really helps, because I don't know anything regarding theory other than the absolute basics, but I hope it does.


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Ooooh thats what that is called. I knew what it was, just didnt know the proper name. Thanks for clearing that up guys