On my Orange Rocker 30, sometimes there would be some volume problems like going up and down, or the sound just being very weak. I asked on the forum and many people suggested it had something to do with the power tubes. So today I took my power tubes out but im not sure if they're failing or not. At first, I thought they were for sure, because they had this silver-y mirror-y stuff on the top of it. But then, I searched pictures of tubes on google, and a lot of tubes seem to have it, but some are clear on the top. So I was just just wondering if this means they are failed tubes. I'll try to get some pictures up.
Thanks for your help!

Edit: While trying to put the tubes back on, I realised that when i took the tube out, I mustve accidently broken the cap thing at the bottom on the tube, where you connect it to the amp. Would it be un safe to put the tube back on with that thing broken?
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Is the guide pin the little thing the the middle of the tube that sticks out and connects the tube to the amp?
If it is, that's the thing I broke off...
So I'm assuming I need a new tube because I was being retarded and broke it. But I'm almost certain I didnt feel anything when pulling it out. Maybe it was broken before and that is the reason for my problems?