last saturday night on my fretting hand and i cant angle my wrist to change chords or play notes and stuff so i was wondering if anyone can offer some advice that would help me out
if not i guess ima get really good at strumming
thanx in advance
stop whackin it
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I didnt think you could be that much of a twat. Piss off.
if it's still hurt 4 days after the fact, go see a doctor.
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well, maybe its a good thing. if you actually take lessons (i know, crazy!) they say that you arent supposed to angle your wrist at all while you play. so learn to love it. and as firequacker said, learn to choke the weasel with the opposite hand

<3 me
thanx but i wack off with my right so theres no problem there
but its not as much as simply bending my wrist or rotating i cant really fret the strings correctly s i get the pain in my wrist instantly
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