Alright. My computer, being the rotten piece of trash that it is, decides to inform me that I don't have an audio output device installed one day when I turn on my computer. I've had the thing for about 8 months and I've been listening to music since day one.

I tried upgrading the drivers, re-enabling the sound device, re-installing the drivers and NOTHING seems to be working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Turn the volume up?
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Is it an onboard sound card or PCI? if it's PCI it may just be loose or need to be moved to a different slot... that is, if the card itself hasn't bit the dust for whatever reason.
If it's not the hardware, then it could be another device trying to act as the audio setup (such as a webcam with buit in mic, which happened to a friend of mine once), but other than that, I dunno. Good luck with it man.
I FIXED IT. Man bests machine YET again.

I feel like the astronaut from 2001 slowly disabling that menacing computer HAL. It's strangely similar as without my speakers, I probably would have died within a week.
Who knows. I uninstalled the sound card with its drivers and then re-installed it.

Stupid infernal machine.