Wassup guys, I've got a great project in the works right now. I'm looking for a vocalist, keys, and a bass player. Right now it's myself doing guitars and an excellent drummer, and we have a couple of songs ready to go already.

If you are, or know anybody talented and dedicated who fits one of the positions, please e-mail me at:


We have a great rehearsal space in Copiague, on Long Island. Style is hard rock/metal/bit of progressive; we want to make songs that display a heavy groove and good musicianship, but that reach a broad audience.

Influences vary greatly; Muse, Porcupine Tree, Meshuggah, Tool, Opeth, RHCP, various classical composers... I could keep going on. I also used to play with Bumblefoot (Ron Thal), and he's had a huge impact on me and my approach to guitar.

Right now the most important roles to fill are bass and keys, since I'll take on singing if nothing pans out. As an addendum to my original post, preferably applicants would be 20+ (drummer and I are in late 20's), but we'll consider anyone if they're good and willing to be part of a team.
Our rehearsal space, which is both free and allows us to play full-volume from around 8PM til the wee hours of the morning if we please, is located in Copiague, on Long Island. It's in Nassau county, so on the far side if you were coming from Manhattan; maybe 45 mins drive from Brooklyn, 30 from Queens, probably close to an hour from the Bronx.

EDIT: mentioned before, but the drummer and I are late 20's (27 and 28). Applicants preferably 20+...
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