not my style but sound good, I liked the keyboards, The lead guitar was good too. It got kind of boring from the bridge to the outro, but vocals can cover it. It looks like you putted a lot of effort in it, Great job!

C4C? (new one in sig) thanks.
Pretty neat song...

In measure 16, I don't think the octaves fit that well.
The keyboard part that came in at 23 sounds like a song I've heard.. But I don't know which.
The keyboard part at 93 also sounds like a song.
The transition to 105 isn't that good really.. It needs some work.. Right now it just sounds too random and not good.

Other than that, great job.

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That was really cool, a lot better than I expected!

¡¡¡ !!! ¡¡¡ !!!
those were unnecessary

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