Im a huge Romanticist, and was intrigued today when I found out my school district used to have this incredibly awesome social project, the ACT academy.

Basically, a school founded totally on Rousseau's principles, Parents and teachers are but facilitators, and children must be allowed to set their own courses. So the entire school was set up for the gifted classes, and they'd go and just do whatever they wanted for the majority of the day.

For instance, I've got a friend who went, who spent a year and a half researching, and teaching himself all the different forms of microtonal, and mean tone, and etc musical scales, then comprised of those, invented his own scale, then did a year of woodworking, and a year of programming, to make a high tech instrumentish thing.

Im working on getting him to record it.


How does UG feel about Rousseau's theories on education and "Child raising"
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was this school in CT?
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Rousseau would probably be great if he didn't write in such an elaborate manner all the time, he can't just get to his point, he's gotta be fancy about it. He bothers me.