I decided that I need to learn the notes on the neck.
What I'm doing is breaking the neck down into three frets each and learning one note at a time in those three frets throughout the whole neck. It seems to be working but I was wondering what you guys did to learn the neck to see if there was an easier way to do it or something
the notes go in order so all you really have to do is memorize the tuning EADGBe and you pretty much got it.
the way i learned it is if you can remember ABCDEFG and that there is no half step between B and C of E and F then you can figure out the notes on the neck easy.

For example:

Low E string-

open - E
1st - F
2nd - F#, Gb
3rd - G
4th - G# or Ab
5th - A
6th - A# or Bb
7th - B
8th - C

and so on and so forth. memorize that and you dont have to memeorize which frets are which notes just how to figure out the notes.
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Memorize the bottom three string (E,A,D) because you need to know those by heart for locating bar chords. If you know those, then you can easily find the octaves on the top three strings.
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I give my students 3 ways to learn all the notes after giving them a diagram:

1. Play all (insert note here) on the fret board... So E string open 12th fret, A string 7th fret, etc.
2. Memorize one string at a time (I'll call out notes and they need to play them on that string)
3. Memorizing just what notes the dot inlays are (Just to begin with so they have a reference)
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sight reading helps a ton.

doing the 'never-ending scale' start on C on the low E string. then starting there, play a C major scale, one note per string (not necessarily in the right octave) so C (low E) D (a string) E (d string) F (g string) etc.

also, play scales in all different positions and while playing them, say the note you're playing.

but sight reading is wonderful.
know the chromatic scale, so you can track it down each string.

and keep track of your octaves and fifths.

example if you know your circle of fifths, B comes after E, so e string open, two frets down and one string down(power chord) is a B, and so on....(except between the G and B)

keep track of octaves, whatever note it is two frets down and two strings down if the same note. 7 frets down and one string down is the same note. and obviously 12 frets down on same string is the same note.
I began tackling scales with simple blues scale and pentatonic shapes, and once I realized and said to myself "well I'm starting on the A here at the 5th fret on the 6th string, and this pattern I'm supposed to play ends on another A at the 7th fret on the 4th string, I can play it again here..." and then learning all the octave fingerings, finding the same note on other strings/frets, opened my eyes up alot to every note on the fingerboard. I never memorized a chart of the notes on the neck, but I did learn about intervals and where they all are, helped a bunch. Scales FTW!
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I've noticed that, if you can get your hands on some sheet music, and know what Eldiablo30x6 told you, learning by doing is the BEST way. Understanding what notes are where on the staff is a different story. You should take band/vocal class in school if you're a student. That will definately help you alot. Also, maybe buy a book on beginning lead guitar. Do NOT spend more than you think you have to though, as this can be a BIG waste of money. EX. Don't buy 2 books on beginning guitar.

Hope this helps!

If you need more detailed ideas contact me. I think my e-mail is on my profile. I prefer IMs because I don't read my mail.

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