I have one of these and i love it
I am just not sure what the best possible way to get the most professional sound out of my pod is.
What is the best route in recording a professional cd using my Pod for the guitars?
and another question is what would sound better, recording striaght from a Pod or hooking it up to a half stack and miking the cab?
I play mainly metalcore music
most studios would run it into their high end interface, read up on the Riffs and Recordings form for recording info.

for your use, just plug it in and record with the USB cable...

but if you have the money, go buy a 300$ interface and shure SM57 mic and mic your cab...
it will sound better but youll never get as good as a real studio since the guy at the mixing desk has the key to great sound, experience.
I was already planning on buying a shure sm57 but I wasn't sure if there was a major difference between using my pod direct and micing my cab
with the 57 mic you would need to feed it into a fairly good interface, like the Mackie Onyx Satellite firewire.
The 57 is nice but needs a good preamp to warm up vocals and some lower volume guitar tracks
for sure
when we go into the studio (which is really my frontman's uncle's house)]
we will have all of that
he has like over $10000 in recording equipment for us to use so Im sure hes got some kind of high end interface and preamp in there
you're going to need a good poweramp if you want to mic the pod thru a cab. Whether that's a dedicated poweramp, or the "fx return/poweramp in" on an existing amp, you will need something to drive the cab. IME with the XTLive at least, it doesn't sound that great driving the front of an amp. I've heard it sound really good though when used with a dedicated tube poweramp. If your uncle has all that recording gear, I'm sure he'll have mic's and preamps. Rather than invest in recording stuff, I would invest in a nice all tube poweramp and run your Pod as the preamp(cab modeling off). That or just run it direct into the recording console with all the cab and amp modeling on.
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Right now I have a Crate Flexwave 120w half stack
Im planning on buying a mesa boogie 4x12
So Erock, you are saying that I should buy a seperate power amp and run that through my cab instead of running my pod through my flexwave head?
Im new to this kind of thing
Ive been playing ugitar for about seven years but I have just recently gotten into recording and live sound kinds of things with my band
So could you explain the order in which my setup would be plugged in if I were to buy a seperate power amp?