alright so i got the neck out clean, althoug hthe neck is way destroyed now,i've sanded it and going to prime it , now i have two idea's i have this little white and black scheme thought out... ORRR i'd like to recreate this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Custom-Shop-SG-Standard-Reissue-VOS-Electric-Guitar-?sku=517996 , either way i'd like to get a gibson neck for it, someone said that they dont just sell them so how easy do you think it would be for me to come by one, or make one haha, also does anyone have any suggestions on what color gibson's "classic white" is?
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There are dudes that sell Gibson necks on eBay from time to time, supposedly from the Kalamazoo plant.. but most of those I think are Les Paul necks.. an SG neck is going to have a whole different heal and joint.. and I highly doubt a 'real' SG neck would drop in there anyway.

When those necks do come around, they sell for around $250 to $300.. you'd just about be better off to start with a stripped Epi SG and carve up the headstock like I did with my Epi LP project.
alright thanks i kinda started to realize that was kinda outta the picture, how difficult was your headstock? like what kind of tools did you need for it?