how about changing the pick ups of a cheap guitar....will it be any good?
or the electronics inside matters? and btw whats the most expensive wood ?
is alder a good one cause i can buy a really cheap guitar with alder body...and thinking of changing the pickups......
alder is a pretty good wood. and changing the pickups will probably improve its sound.
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80+ percent of a guitar's sound comes from the amp, so changing the pickups won't do much for sound if you don't have a good amp.

A cheap, alder guitar shouldn't sound too bad, just as long as it doesn't have fret buzz or anything weird wrong with it. If you're buying a cheap guitar (or even a good guitar), be sure to play it thoroughly before you buy it. Also, buy the one you tested; don't test a floor model and then let them get you one from the back room.

When you're buying a cheap guitar, you always run the risk of the electronics being of poor quality. In the end, I'd say it's always better to go for a good mid-range guitar. Most mid-range guitars are well made and gig worthy--just make sure you test before you buy. :]

There really is no "most expensive" wood. There is only good for guitar wood and bad for guitar wood. As for "good for guitar wood", it all comes down to personal preference. Tonally woods sound different. Alder has a bright tone, and is used commonly in strats because it goes well with the single coil pickup sound.

Lastly, if you're just going for a practice guitar, and you don't have the extra money, go for the cheap one. Just make sure it doesn't have fret buzz or anything like that, because then it's not fun to practice, and can even be hurtful to your learning to play in some ways.
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