Questions for the recording gods...

I just picked up a recording setup for the house and its sounding really good and im getting exact tone out of it amp wise. But im getting alot of the excess noise that used to be drowned out by the cab. But now its really apparent when recording...

Heres the noise's im hearing, well recording. Pick noise when chording and single noteing mainly during palm mutes. Also the sound of my fingers racking across the strings for slides and scratching sounds when palm muting and playing metal. Is it just bad techinque or is there a way to edit them, or maybe my settings on the amp inherently bring that out? Also would different mic positions help? In live situtations i dont hear but maybe a 1/10th of that and only if im listening.

Sliding fingers: It might be a technique thing, as when your using heavy gain there is lots of compression involved too. That means any little motion you make gets amplified. It should get cleaned up with practice when you listen for it specifically.

Pick Noise: not sure, stand away from the mic more, play louder. Never really had that problem.
try turning down the "high" volume, since the scratching and sliding sounds are all high pitched sounds
What equipment are you using?

Try tweaking the highs on the track.

Have you applied any type of noise gate/limiter to the track (not counting the ISP)?

Alot of it depends on what you're playing. IMO for metal I like some pick attack and sliding noise left in the recording.

Is it just bad techinque or is there a way to edit them, or maybe my settings on the amp inherently bring that out?

It's not guitar technique. You can't pick a string without the pick hitting it, and you can't slide without your finger on the string...
could it be too much gain? i heard you were supposed to use less gain recording than live playing.
Using Kristal and Audacity to record, m-audio mobile-pre and a Elect-voice Co4 Mic. Volume is at like .5 and gain is at 5 i usually keep at 7-8 live. And only noise gate is the isp...
Stand further from the mic, if you are stood close. I wouldn't expect that to make much of a difference though. Also , you should lower the gain for recording. You could always try adding a little more with a plug in in the mixing stage , if you have any.
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