I had a major argument with a 'friend' of sorts and now I feel guilty.

This week has not been my week....

Last night I headed to a friends flat near mine for a chat and stuff. He already had friends around there and I knew them anyway so I thought we could have a bit of a laugh together.

I went round there and as the night went on one of these guys becomes really defensive and angry. At about 9pm we start a chat about religion (this guy is supposedly Christian) and he gradually becomes more and more defensive to the point where I'm rowing full-on with him

I've found this guy to be arrogant, mouthy, critical of everyone else's opinion but his own, hypocritical and typically really agressive yet I still feel bad about the argument.

Pit, help me and tell me what I should do.
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respect his religious views?

If everything that the TS said is true, then the guys he had an argument with was the one being closed-minded and critical of TS's opinion.
what is there to do?

he was being a dick, you responded in kind

justice was served

if you feel bad apologize
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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**** him. He's sounds like a d-bag. Be happy you don't have to pretend to be friendly with him anymore.
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when you find yourself in an argument over religion, just say you respect a person's view as much as possible. never say anything which is worded in such a way that is actually insulting. its a fine art
dont take any guff from these bastards man

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Deal with it.
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If everything that the TS said is true, then the guys he had an argument with was the one being closed-minded and critical of TS's opinion.

oops, i guess i read it wrong.

tell him to stop being so closed minded
buy him a coffin...
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Show him those old funny Jesus picture threads on these forums. That'll teach him a lesson!
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Invite him over for dinner, bring out a live lamb, and slice into it with a sacrificial blade like it's a thanksgiving turkey. You must keep a straight face, though.

Works every time.
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