Alright, I know you guys have probably read these things a million things already but I figured I might as well ask. My friend just finished this thing and is supposed to be getting his iPhone in soon so I'll keep everyone posted. He sent this to me a few days back and I decided to try it out. Heres a link if you want : http://www.Youndex.php?ref=4682081

Has anyone tried this site before? I've always been wary of these kinds of sites, but it looks pretty legit. I needed to buy computer ink anyways, and one of their offer sites was for an ink place, so I figured why not.

Any thoughts?
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I'm gonna have a party.
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It was totally weird.
Some of these actually work, just be careful and don't give out any private info. I've heard many stories of these working, looks legit to me.
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reported? lmao, ok buddy, its not like Im a noob here...

Anyways, whats the worst that can happen I guess? I didnt give any info out so might as well..lol