ive been looking for the perfect strings for me lately... but i cant find the right dam gauge!!

ive been through many gauges, my last was .54's, i need a set that can stay in tune going down to drop B (maybe even A#) and when i tune up to D standard they dont get too much tension... also so the high strings a loose enough that they dont feel like wires but have enough tension to stay in tune...

remember, the range is drop b to d standard....could anybody recommend me some strings that would suit? if they dont quite fit between that range of tuning but are at least close to it, then thats ok too...

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10-52 man... Everytime I switch I end up going back.

Yeah they are great especially on a les paul scale length style guitar

I like the hybrid sets a lot. The hybrid slinkys are great like 10's on the bass strings and 9's on the trebles. Feels great on a strat.
I don't know I used to go down to b with them but really man... I mean I know this is just personal opinion but going down to B sounds muddy no matter what gauge you have. It just doesn't sound like guitar you know? You can get killer low end without tuning down that low. I tune to drop C and thats as low as Ill go. With the right amp settings and a good bass player thats all you need. You can really bring out the low end and still hear the notes. When you tune as low as B the mids just totally cut out of the notes and playing lead notes are difficult to hear. Bands that record in B I can barely hear their riffs. It just sounds like noise. I have no idea what they are doing on guitar. of course my opinion if you just must tune down that far I guess you could go for 13's but thats just getting insane to me.