GRUNGE F U C K I N G SUCKS!!!! who agrees with me? Like did I miss something cause I don't see whats so original and creative about not being good at guitar and playing simple chord progressions with no solos save for an occasional rubbish bridge thingy and whining all the time like a bunch of pussy emo C U N T s who else agrees that Metal, hard rock and all the other forms of true metal and rock totally kill grunge? I also posted this in the shred and progressive forum cause I wanna see how many other people hate this ****ty over rated style

I guess the whole concept on opinions scared you, so you made a NEW thread?


UG is going to well tonight

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ha ha ha ha sad, really sad. First of all, I don't believe emo even existed when the grunge movement (which by the way, totally DESTROYED all of the metal genres at the time, haha i.e birth of nirvana, pearl jam and soundgarden = death of all popularity in metal and stadium rock) began, emo wasn't around for another decade. Shame

Oh, and i bet Mike McCready of Pearl Jam would shred the face off all of your heros so ha (except maybe Dimebag and a handful of others, but that's not MUSIC)
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I didn't say emo existed I said they were being like emos and also they didn't destroy any metal genres thats as dumb as saying rap destroyd rok music cause it sells more records