Hi guys,
Im looking into getting a new guitar as I fancy a change from my current (Ibanez RG350EX). The bridge is getting on my nerves by having to adjust too many things when down tuning and I want a heavier sound when wanting to crank up the distortion...

My current amp is Orange Crush 30r, with a Zoom GFX-3 multi effects pedal running through it. In the future I will upgrade my amp, but for now I will concentrate on the new guitar.

I need a versatile guitar, suitable for many types of music. I need a guitar that can provide a nice clean sound, and can also handle crazy distortion. I listen to a range of bands, including Breaking Benjamin, Fightstar, Necrophagist, and many other bands spanning multiple genres. I'm also the lead guitarist in my band, Vertigo Fly. We write softer stuff, and eventually span into some harder prog rock.

Ive had many experiences with tremolo'd guitars and to be honest, I dont really use the whammy that much, so really want something with a fixed bridge/hard tail.

I appreciate any help given, and shall take in all considerations. As I am used to an Ibanez neck, this type of brand would probably suit me most but would like to venture to others if the guitar is right. My budget is around £400 but will push higher is necessary.
sounds like you need an ESP or ESP LTD. Theyre a lot like gibson, but more metal-ish, and theyre put together much better. Ibanez necks are ultra-thin though, so it might take some getting used to.
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take a look at schecters
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Washburn do some versatile guitars, at a very affordable price.

I've heard good things about the company, and would definitely recommend them.
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but i would suggest whatever guitar you want and then change the pickups to suit your price range.
that way your gonna be able to get as much distortion, cleans and everything else under the sun you might want.
but its up to you thats just what i would do.
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Prove me otherwise on your guitar.
If you have to down tune a lot, get a non-locking tremolo or even no tremolo at all. Since you prefer Ibanez like me, the following series would be good:
-SV; currently in prestige only, so could be more expensive
-SZ/SZR; SZ is at 25", and SZR is at gibson's 24.75" scale.
-SA; Aside from SV, one of the few models that have true-duo coil-tap system. Unfortunately only have S-S-H and H-H configuration.
-Alternatively, get a seven string and really use that extra bass string.
Washburn X50 Pro from GAK, can't see any further than that myself.
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Just get a new amp, Crush 30's dont go too "heavy"
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Thanks for the help but im still alittle unsure on what guitar to get or what improvement to my rig I need to make...

So far:
- Ibanez (S series)
- Washburn (X50 Pro)
- PRS (No model given...)

Does anyone else have any other recommendations to make or any help they could give?
My own rig:
- Ibanez RG350EX
- Zoom GFX-3 Multieffects pedal
- Orange Crush 30r Amp

If a new guitar is in order, I wouldnt mind it being a fixed bridge/hard tail simply as Im fed up of the Edge tremolo I have at the minute.
I would tell you if you like Ibanez go with a fixed bridge Rg, probley be your best bet.