I've got an issue.

I'm in a four piece band and me and my co-frontman are searching for the best method to teach and remember riffs for new songs we write.

Currently Daniel (my co-frontman) uses the most annoying confusing method where he names each separate part of the song, and the names though kinda sensible get confusing if there's too many..

it ends up looking like this: (example only)

post verse

IMO this method is nowhere near as good as just using a simple numbering system, and I feel its limiting our practice time (which is only 2 hours a week) I was wondering if any more experienced band members who have heard or been in this situation could help me out.

Me and Daniel have been in a band for half a year now and we had our own system that worked for us, but just recently we have added a bassist and Drummer to our team (in the last 2 weeks) and it has been difficult to get them paying attention and I think its because the method is confusing.
woot! triple post! yeah man i agree numbering would be alot easier, but that would be if you had alot of different sections in your song (which my band does so we use it). if your songs only have verses, pre choruses, choruses, and bridges. etc. standard stuff like that, i'd say just stick with that sort of explanation. but, again, if you have 18 DIFFERENT sections in a song, you may find it easier to use numbers.
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