well, i saw a dude play on a jackson(dunno the model cuz that was a long time ago...), and when he did a pinch harmonic, i was blown away, that screams! so i wanted to get pair of pickups, which would do the same. i saw a pair of pickups from a jackson js30rr on ebay germany, and would they do the trick?

and would they be overall better on distortion then my ibanez stock pickups on my grg170dx? if not, then what to look for?

PS: buying a new guitar is not an option, cuz i dont have the money at the moment..
well just cos his pinch harmonics screamed probably means hes quite good at doing them. Not all people can do them well, for example ive never heard anyone make it scream like zakk wylde and as lower fretted as him but eh. He uses active pickups and its on a les paul so you dont need a jackson just to do a pinch harmonic, you can do it on your guitar now if you practice enough at it. they are hard at first and will sound like your raping a pee **** for the first couple of weeks/days however much you practice. but yeah i dunno tooo much on what exact pickups to use, as i said its mostly the user but yeah try researching active pickups. and as to your question on how much it would cost to ship that whatever, how the hell would he know? sorry but yeah.