my sister just deleted my twilight princess save!!! i was in the temple in the desert (mirror i think?)

how far was i off completing it?! feels like i had got so far. so many memories... gone
*lol wut pear*
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game thread?
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Oh dude you were so close, all that was left was the death valley, the forbidden forest and the chamber of secrets. Oh yeah and then you had to fight the gatemaster craig, he's really hard though.

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ZELDA THREAD! You can do it again man, it's worth it.
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Thats the best game in the world
your sister must be punished for this atrocious crime!
play it again.
yeh mate u were bout half way mayb a bit more. There is a simple solution to this conumdrum.
Step 1 beat ur sister for getting rid of ur game
Step 2 beat ur sister again so she gets the point
Step 3 play n play n play until u beat the game it is an awesome game.
Step 4 beat ur sister again

P.S. i dont condon violence against women.