I always use to practice sitting but when I use to play songs standing I was carp.

Now I practice excercises and techniques sitting and songs standing.

What do you prefer? Which do you think is more beneficial?
i can only play sitting down

i am hoping that if i am ever required to stand up and play (ie i get a strap) then it wont be too hard of a gap to bridge...

i think you are probably doing it the best way.... as long as you can play songs stood up, i'm sure you are quite fine
I practice both ways...sat AND stood, but i learn sat, and rehearse songs i need to play in gigs pretty soon stood up and practice my poses
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first a find a song, practice it sitting, then i play the sng with speakers and i play it standing
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i practice and warm up by sitting down, when i play for others i stand up majority of the time. when i'm by myself is mainly when i sit down to play.
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I practice sitting. When I really get the song down, I play it while jumping around and headbanging (depending on the song).

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I practice both ways. Usually I'll start out sitting, then once I have the song down I stand and play cause that's how I perform for open mic night. I also realized that when I'm sitting I sing better when I play, but when I'm standing it just seems like I'm not doing as good as I was sitting. *shrugs*

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If you're going to do any sort of gigging, standing is more beneficial.
dimebag was once questioned on why he didi the majority of his recording while standing up, He said something along the lines of "you don't go to war sitting down!"
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dimebag was once questioned on why he didi the majority of his recording while standing up, He said something along the lines of "you don't go to war sitting down!"

Anyway, I'm always sitting when I practice, mainly because I do most of my practice while sitting at the computer, listening to a metronome or playing along to a song. I haven't been able to get myself to try anything new for a while though, for some reason. I tried learning Under A Glass Moon, and after like 15 minutes, I was totally bored.

When jamming with others, though, I'm always standing.
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I do both, but usually stand when I'm jamming with others.
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i play sitting and standing..... im in a band so a majority of it is standing but when im watchin tv or something like that i sit...
I sit because i dont have that thing that holds up the guitar, what the name for that in english now is.

.................... and i play my metalsongs on an acoustic because my stratcopy sounds like a pig.
I practice sitting which is a problem when I play live, partly because of the extra strain on the wrist which I'm not used to.

I have to use a Slash-esque standing pose to play fast licks coherently. I suppose I should practice standing up too, but well.
i like to stand up but cuz my guitar has a neckdive being an sg i always end up putting my leg on my amp and resting the guitar on my knee
My strap is high enough that it doesn't really make a difference.
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standing, always. Electric guitars aren't very good for sitting and playing IMHO. I can play sitting fairly easily with an acoustic or classical, but with my electrics I just can never feel real comfortable.

edit: the one thing I will say about standing, though, and heavy electrics in general is that I excessively stretch my upper back, arms, etc. As I mentioned somewhere else, I'm thinking about getting something like this for home practices to alleviate that stress a bit.
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standing up you can rock out, at first it's tough, but trust me just jam for an hour or two standing and you'll get the hang of it. It's nothing to worry about, play however you want to just make sure you practice both ways.
the only time i sit down and play is acoustic

or at guitar center

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