thinking of getting a zune. just one question: is it like an i-pod where i can only have it registered with one computer. and can it switch between being used with a pc and a mac?


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I have my i-pod on several computers so I'm not sure what you mean?
Mac's inherintly run on I-tunes which I don't think the Zune supports, if it comes with a program that will run on a mac then yes
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iPod's can be used on many computers. Zune's can do the wireless music sending from another Zune, you shouldn't have to worry about much. just if you want more music you have to actually pay for it.
please search there are so many of these. zunes are better than ipods for the simple fact that ive had two ipods and when i used a zune i immediately sold the ipods. what is better than a wireless synching?? radio stations?? bigger screen?? better controls?? all of it.