I was wondering if we could have a band design website thread. If you know of any great sites that you can design websites on or that design websites for you post a link. If you are a graphic designer just tell us! If anybody needs a website put your name, style you play, details, etc. Thanks!
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Unless you're going to pay for a graphic designer, personally I'd just stick to MySpace.
Unless, of course you're skilled enough to make an attractive website.

One thing that can put me off a band (or anything for that matter) is a disgraceful website that doesn't give enough information and looks/navigates awful.
I'm not saying I won't listen to the band, but I'm just less likely to explore the way they're represented.

Web design is part of my super-plan for the future
I can do webdesign. Any one needs a cheap one doing then let me know.. and by cheap i mean for like 15 quid, haven't got any samples on me at the moment, theyre on my other machine but if i can get some across i will do so
I've just started learning how to use Dreamweaver for creating my bands website. I'm also quite lucky in the fact my girlfriend is doing Graphic Design at college at the moment. Unfortunately I'm not able to offer services out to anyone.
Check this website out...we do great band websites.


We write all of our sites from scratch in notepad, and its cheap.
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Hey guys, I am a professional graphic designer as well as the lead guitarist and singer of ResetRed. I have been freelancing for most of my graphic design career. About half of everything I do is for bands. I've done everything from prog rock, metal, to christian pop and everything in between. If you need something, and are serious about wanting pro graphic design then feel free to email me jesse@jessegrishamdesign.com . You can also check out my website www.jessegrishamdesign.com . My prices are on a case by case basis, but they are always very reasonable.