Gibson Guitar announces the first ever availability of a series of "Slash" signature Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul Standard electric guitars. Three very limited and unique models of the Slash signature Les Paul guitar will be released simultaneously around the world. Each guitar model has been designed and produced in close co-operation with the legendary Velvet Revolver guitarist, Slash. On April 1, 2008 at 5pm US EDT select dealers will offer a limited number of these models for sale. Once they are sold out, they will not be reproduced.

Gibson Custom will release their Slash Inspired by VOS (Vintage Original Spec) guitar, Gibson USA will release their Slash Signature Les Paul Standard model and there will also be an Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus packaged with exclusive Slash inspired accessories. All three new guitar models will combine individual design features while Slash's own personal touches create a unique instrument destined to become another instant classic.

Would the VOS or the standard make good investments? I was thinking about buying one brand new when they come out and hope to make a decent profit when they sell out , however I do not know what to expect. Does anyone have any predictions maybe from what happen during other Gibson releases?


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The VOS will garner the biggest turn around profit as they are more desirable and more expensive. I would imagine they also would be rarest of the line up.
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Lets put it this way, they are not going to increase their value drasitacally enough to make it a worthwhile investment unless you are looking at the extreme long haul vhen it would be classed as a vintage.The problem with buying new instruments as investment pieces is that it requires extreme desirability and extreme shortages of the instrument to bash prices up.

The 60s strats wernt rare in their time but theres so few in AA condidtion left as they were used abused and disposed of. which leaves a minority of good condition ones left so that when they come up for sale they are sought after and the price skyrockets.

Id mark this as a questionable investment personally, in fact the only guarentee is that if you leave it in case unplayed in a closet for a few years atleast it wont devalue.
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It depends exactly how rare these models are. And I agree with these other guys, unless if you're going to keep these guitars for several decades in great shape, the price won't increase too much.
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Guitars generally don't = good investments. Sure some will gain value but only over long periods of time and then you may be afraid to play it for fear of damage. I agree with the other posts as well.

As far as the Gibson release, what has traditionally happened with Gibson releases of this sort? Are people jumping through walls to get the Jimmy Page LP at the high end of the market? Where would you rate Slash's fan popularity with Jimmy Pages' or their fan's willingness to pony up for a signature guitar?

I'm skeptical on your behalf.