I did this for an actual movie that died for me because of personal reasons.

The opening scene lasts for 1 minute and the way its laid out is...

You see 2 very shiny men's dress shoes walking rather quickly on the pavement.

The camera pans up and its a well dressed man (Frankie) patting a young girl on the head while she's playing some sort of child's game.

He then spots his "mark" sitting on a New York Brownstone's steps.

The camera pans to Frankie's sports coat and you finally realize that he's going for his pistol.

While pulling out his pistol, he walks up to the mark and (in slow motion splatters the man's head all over the steps and the side of the front door of the buliding.

The song is called Frankie's Hit (in my profile- just click the link in my sig) which leads into the next scene...

After the shooting, the next scene is Frankie getting in his overly large car.

He opens a new deck of cards pulling out the ace of spades and (again in slow motion) flips the ace of spades into the back seat of his car... which, as the card is flipping, the scene changes (blends) to the ace landing face up on a card table.

After the slow motion card sequence, the camera pans across all the players sitting at the table... 1 person's face at a time.... finally coming to a close up of the head of the "family"... John Gotti.

This scene's song is called Gotti's Theme (also in my profile - click the link in my sig)

Both opening songs would have been mixed to where one blends into the other as they are the opening and second scene of the script.

I thought they fit the motif of the movie myself... any opinions?
good deal.You seem to have a nice creative mind going for you and know how to milk it to it's advantage.The plot is suspenseful and interesting.Here you go c4c i like the nice mellow intro that goes into a satriani type rhythm fest.You have a nice crisp dense guitar tone.

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^ I looked... quickly for any thread for you, but couldn't find one so I'll crit Grooverider here.

Nice bass line and underlying beat.
The little shred's tone is very nice and its making me jealous
Seems like you're using a lot of synths, but it doesn't matter... damned good beat and nice tone. Good mastering too!